1. Customer Booking Officer

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Job Description & Benefits:

  • Each booking gets 50 to 75 USD.
  • One team minimum – 25 to 30 people.
  • Booking one team, one person total free of cost.
  • Within a year booking 10 to 12 teams,
    You may be promoted as CDM – Customer Development Manager.
    CDM gets monthly additional pay-out.
  • Successful CBO within 3 years will be promoted to Company Branch Agency.
    They can start their own branch office. Company supports 5000 to 10000 USD.
  • Winner gift.
    CBO winner will get a car as gift.
    Within a year any CBO booking more than 500 customers, will get a special award.
  • Any CBO annually gets a minimum pay-out of 25,000 to 40,000 USD.
  • Yearly one holiday trip for a registered CBO, registration fee 500 USD.

2. International Customer Booking Officer | ICBO Mid East

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It is a Christian mission development job and businesses so read and join prayerfully
Job Description & Benefits:
Once you register with us.

  • You can get international valid job assurance number with three years approval certificate.
  • This certificate allows you to work around the world.
  • If you full fill 3 years, you may be promoted as Manager or Director, or get the license for an own agency.
  • Every successful staff gets 5000 to 10000 USD for promoting business.
  • Every registered staff gets 50 to 100 USD for each booking.
  • If you book a team with minimum 30 persons, you can get one person complete money.
  • If you book one team, you may get minimum 4000 – 5000 USD.
  • Annually, you can book 10 to 12 teams to get a minimum income of 50 thousand USD.
  • Every registered and successful staff, get annual free 10 days travel tour.
  • Unknowingly you are admitting any problem, our lawyers and company will help you.
  • If you are appointed as assistant CBO’s we will give some benefits.
  • Every registered staff gets preferences to attend our nationwide, worldwide business conferences.
  • So much benefits are waiting for you.
  • Registration charges 500 USD.
  • Without registration also you can work with us, you can’t get annual offer, we can’t protect you in your any situation.