Founder / President Talk

Connect the World through the Church

For the last 20 years I am organising small mission tours from India to Srilanka, Malaysia to Srilanka, Malaysia to India, invite Pastor’s and arrange small Gospel Meetings, Pastor’s meetings.

I was invited to France, Denmark, UK many a times. Once I got a thought, why can’t I organise Mission tours? One of my friend, a Chinese Pastor told me to organise Israel tours.

Years passed and I came to London. After I came to London I wanted to organise mission tours, but my situation was very bad.

One of my Srilankan friend said 30 believers are willing to go to Israel and asked me, “Can you arrange?” I said ok. I was not successful.

But God told me, “You can win.” Again God told me to go and register that company, I believed His Word.

Today it is one of the limited company. My motto is – Connect the world through the Church. We are taking it to the next level – A first class Travel and Tourism with recruitment around the world, Our goal is to build the Church around the world, help Churches around the world, connect the churches around the world.

Though it’s a simple start, our God’s plan is great. It will grow hundred fold.

God Bless You.

Dr. Peter Isravel Nelsun